Cute Squirrel Picking Raspberries Flower Brooch


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Introducing the adorable and oh-so-chic “cute squirrel picking raspberries” flower brooch! 🌸🐿️ This little fashion accessory is designed to make a statement with its irresistible cuteness and impeccable style. With its stunning floral details and vibrant colors, it effortlessly adds a touch of charm to any outfit – be it on your favorite dress or jacket lapel! Embrace your unique sense of fashion confidently as you flaunt this enchanting flower brooch.

Flower brooch details:

Material: Zinc alloy and pearl
Size: 6.3cm*3.2cm
Weight: 15.8g
Shape: Flower

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm